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Break silos


    Alcumus Cognibox

    Reduce dependency on staff and gain visibility on performance

    • Lack of vision on performance
    • Growth of the company
    • Labor shortage

    Alcumus Cognibox
    Using technology to improve employee safety

    Alcumus Cognibox develops and supports comprehensive, state-of-the-art contractor management, employee compliance and training solutions that reduce risk and improve workplace safety.

    Alcumus Cognibox is a growing Quebec company that helps businesses around the world better control their daily operations.

    reduce its dependency on human resources
    the strategic choice of HubSpot crm and its products

    The inside sales and customer service teams were using Outlook to manage their tasks. On the other hand, the outside sales team were using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Given the inherent turnover rate of customer support agents, the labor shortage and the growth of the company, it was clear that the time and effort required to do many manual tasks on a daily basis was increasing. With this growth, Alcumus Cognibox realized that it was being held back in its ability to grow rapidly. Thus, it became imperative for Alcumus Cognibox to reduce its dependence on human resources and to acquire a powerful tool to automate tasks.

    This was a key issue for profitability and operational efficiency... 3 key words stood out:

    • visibility;
    • automation;
    • retention.
    A decision committee was formed consisting of the CEO, COO, VP Sales, Marketing Director and Digital Marketing Manager.
    Each had their own priorities: 

    • the CEO wanted to increase revenue and the "bottom line";
    • the COO was looking for operational efficiency and ease of implementation of the chosen solution in his teams;
    • the VP of Sales, the Marketing Director and the Digital Marketing Manager were looking for a state-of-the-art tool to automate customer management.
    Since Alcumus Cognibox had already been using HubSpot's Marketing Hub since 2015, and after being coached by Auxilio's experts, the choice was made to leverage the power of HubSpot's CRM platform to manage, automate and simplify as many processes as possible.

    The management quickly realized the significant gain of going "all-in" with HubSpot's CRM, one of the best on the market. Alcumus Cognibox, therefore, made the choice in 2021 to replace the Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the HubSpot CRM and the Sales Hub... and then to acquire the other Hubs in order to break down the silos between the teams and consolidate a solid technological stack. Today, Alcumus Cognibox uses HubSpot for ticket management, transaction management, email marketing, reporting, and dashboarding.

    Video of the discussion panel around this case study (in French)

    As part of a round table discussion organized by Auxilio, a team from Alcumus Cognibox composed of Valérie Cormier, Chantale Giard and Benjamin Larose Lavallée explained how HubSpot helped them solve their challenges.

    A big thank you to all our participants, as well as Valérie Cormier, Chantale Giard and Benjamin Larose Lavallée from Alcumus Cognibox for their generous participation.

    Challenge #1

    Lack of vision on performance

    One of the great challenges for many companies today is breaking down silos. Alcumus Cognibox was no exception to this reality. Indeed, important silos between the different teams existed. This led to difficulties in accessing information held by other departments. A big question arise: how to connect people and departments?

    For example, the Marketing department had difficulty accessing data from other departments to run efficient upselling and cross-selling campaigns.

    The Customer Service department suffered from the lack of a clear view on the performance of its team. This had a negative impact on the company and its customers:

    1. Lack of communication to the customer about these "open" requests and their evolutions.
    2. Lack of standardization of responses and processes.
    3. Lack of visibility on the history of customer requests.
    The goal was to bring all departments together on a single platform to finally have a complete view of the performance of the various sales, marketing and customer service departments, as well as the tracking of their customers' life cycle.

    Some convincing results:

    For example, for the Customer Service department, managing all processes in one place increases visibility on the time needed to manage customer requests and validate qualification files. This allows for a better calculation of the number of resources needed thanks to relevant indicators such as

    • the response time to meet the service level agreement (SLA);
    • the number of tickets;
    • centralization of requests in one place.

    Challenge #2

    Growth of the company

    Alcumus Cognibox's rapid growth brought many challenges. Indeed, this growth amplified the time and effort spent on manual daily tasks that provided little added value.

    Some amazing examples:

    At the Inside Sales level, the number of calls and follow-ups was far too high, especially when processing "small" $100 sales. These "small" accounts are an integral part of the Alcumus Cognibox business model. You can't say no to them!  They have to be treated as well as the "big accounts". Many of the follow-up calls were of little value to the company, the prospects, and the customers.  

    It is essential to accompany all prospects through the customer journey and reduce friction. As you can imagine, it is easy to lose track of all the "small" customers. For example, Alcumus Cognibox was receiving a huge number of customer service calls. It was becoming difficult to monitor and analyze each request.

    How to improve sales tracking and customer service to reduce the 22% customer attrition rate? How do you effectively manage the onboarding of new customers, provide them with an outstanding customer experience and turn them into ambassadors of the Alcumus Cognibox brand?

    HubSpot allows you to automate as many processes as possible, from ticket management to deals and marketing emails. In a nutshell, HubSpot accompanies in its growth by increasing revenues and profits, while avoiding hiring more employees.

    The results:

    1. By automating follow-ups in lead generation, onboarding, and renewing their customers Alcumus Cognibox has eliminated friction, processed requests quickly, standardized processes, and improved quality. Alcumus Cognibox has seen its churn rate drop from 22% to just 9%. This major reduction in churn generates $1M more revenue year after year!
    2. Despite the enormous volume of new leads and support requests from customers, Alcumus Cognibox is now able to process them all, reduce the time required to process requests, and eliminate errors while minimizing the impact on the workload of our teams: both salespeople and agents. A significant advantage in the context of labor shortage. Alcumus Cognibox has seen its revenues increase by $100,000 on small $100 transactions in 4 months, without any intervention on their part! In short, this process is fully automated. More revenue, at no additional cost.

    Challenge #3

    Labour shortage

    Labor shortages have been a part of Alcumus Cognibox' daily life even before the worldwide shortage. Indeed, a large part of Alcumus Cognibox's workforce is made up of inside sales and customer support agents who work with prospects and customers on a daily basis using the telephone. Alcumus Cognibox operates a call center and this department experiences a higher turnover rate than the average of the other departments. Not surprisingly, Alcumus Cognibox' accelerated growth and the current labor shortage only make this problem bigger.

    In a challenging call center environment and labor shortage, how do you handle all the lead requests? How do you standardize processes? How do you reduce dependency on employees? How do you enrich their work?

    Despite the challenges of retaining call center employees and labor shortages, Alcumus Cognibox has been able to pull through. Indeed, HubSpot allowed them to automate a host of necessary and unrewarding clerical tasks for employees.

    The results:
    1. Enhanced employee roles.
    2. Greater capacity to deliver, with no extra effort or resources.
    3. Standardization of processes.
    4. Improved quality and customer experience.


    100 K$

    Alcumus Cognibox has seen its revenue increase by $100,000 on small $100 transactions in 4 months thanks to the automation set up by Auxilio in their HubSpot Portal.

    9 %

    Alcumus Cognibox has seen its attrition rate drop from 22% to just 9%, thanks to the optimization of its processes in lead generation, onboarding and customer renewal.

    1 M$

    Reducing customer churn generates 1 M$ in revenue year after year!

    "I initially sold the idea to the directors and managers, advocating the merits of all using the same system, as well as the capabilities of Hubspot and its many benefits. The automation and reporting were the ones they were most excited about!"

    Benjamin Larose-Lavallée, Digital Marketing Manager at Alcumus Cognibox

    The support of Auxilio's experts
    A trusted partner to support the HubSpot CRM initiative

    Aligning processes, teams, and data

    The Auxilio experts mapped the organizational structure and all processes of the sales, marketing and customer service departments. This mapping allowed us to:
    1. Clearly identify what could be improved with the HubSpot platform.
    2. Reduce the technology stack by replacing underperforming tools. Say goodbye to Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics to manage sales and customer service tasks! Hubspot does it much better!
    3. Put in place a data flow that ensures visibility on the performance of the organization.
    Now, thanks to Auxilio's expertise and the power of HubSpot, Alcumus Cognibox has greatly improved its processes by automating them.

    Despite their high call center turnover, Alcumus Cognibox continues to grow and deliver a customer experience that has reduced their customer churn rate.

    In addition, by measuring company and departmental performance, efforts are aligned in the same direction.

    Optimizing the HubSpot experience

    The HubSpot platform is complex and can evolve with the growth of Alcumus Cognibox. Just because we have implemented HubSpot does not mean that the work stops. On the contrary! Needs evolve and you have to aim high to stand out.

    After building on solid foundations with a defined roadmap, Alcumus Cognibox entrusted the evolution of HubSpot to Auxilio. Indeed, Alcumus Cognibox wanted to:

    1. Benefit from the personalized support, depth and expertise of the Auxilio team to accompany them in their growth and to enhance the HubSpot platform.
    2. Save time on the implementation of various tools that are very deep functionally.
    3. Rely on the expertise of Auxilio's consultants, as they are familiar with the reality of companies that develop software (their core business).
    Alcumus Cognibox and Auxilio collaborate in partnership mode. Thus, they develop and review the processes together and then it is decided who will implement and deploy the improvements in HubSpot: Alcumus Cognibox or Auxilio?  It's really a joint reflection. And above all, a true business partnership!

    Implementing HubSpot beyond the challenges

    Many challenges arise when implementing a platform like HubSpot, which is sprawling.

    With Auxilio's guidance and expert advice, Alcumus Cognibox successfully met a number of challenges:

    1. Transferring all English training content and training many users at the same time.
    2. Managing the change, as there was a lot of resistance. Indeed, the adhesion of the team members was not easy.
    3. Implement multiple complex processes in HubSpot between departments, teams, products, etc.
    4. Improve collaboration between new users within the platform.
    5. Connecting HubSpot to different customer request entry points, but not forgetting any, to properly communicate data between HubSpot and their Alcumus Cognibox application, contact forms, emails and phone calls, etc.
    6. Keeping continuity in the data and being able to align all teams on the same interpretation and understanding of the data reports.
    The Auxilio team works every day to improve the lives of Alcumus Cognibox employees and customers. Auxilio's expertise and advice have helped us to:
    • anticipate risks and needs;
    • Map processes;
    • Ensure that the different systems talk to each other to avoid duplicating work;
    • Support new users to reduce resistance to change.
    In retrospect, it is essential to:
    • Involve the various stakeholders in the thinking before implementation, especially when it will impact multiple teams including sales, customer experience, and marketing;
    • Dedicate an internal resource who knows HubSpot to support the company;
    • Plan a communication channel dedicated to HubSpot issues for its launch;
    • Realize that implementing a platform like HubSpot is an ongoing process.


    the essential support of hubspot's experts

    Auxilio was paramount to our successful implementation of our customer service in HubSpot, providing competent, experience and pragmatic advice on how to move forward and avoid implementation pitfalls. Saved us tons of time and provided invaluable services. Would recommend any day of the week!
    Sébastien Boire Lavigne
    Alcumus Cognibox, Chief Operations Officer