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    How to standardize marketing and sales processes and manage the complexity of the data structure

    • Standardizing processes
    • Gathering teams around the CRM
    • Implementing a solid data structure
    • Synchronizing work tools

    The digital expertise in real estate

    Landerz is an expert company in the real estate market that offers technological tools powered by analyzed data to help buyers and sellers make better decisions. 

    Landerz's multi-product offering is very comprehensive and complementary: Brokerage Agreement, Market Place, Market Watch, Valuation Report, Comparable Tables, etc. This allows their clients to benefit from wide and rare expertise in the land sale/purchase market

    The Landerz experts are passionate about real estate development, and after identifying a major need in the industry, they set out to simplify land acquisition efforts and bring transparency to the market by developing appropriate products for land sellers and buyers.

    Their mission: To create a one-stop shop for real estate developers and landowners by leveraging data, technology, and quality value-added products and services.


    Nadine Fournier, Head of Product and CMO

    Complex processes and database
    The HubSpot platform, much more than just a CRM

    Having a CRM is an absolute and undeniable necessity for a technology company like Landerz. 

    When choosing a CRM, the Landerz management team asked about the power of the tools and especially about the ability to integrate different functional bricks into the CRM itself. They chose the HubSpot platform for its robustness and its wide and diversified product range (marketing, sales, CRM, CMS, operations, etc.). 

    Implementing an entire customer-facing platform like HubSpot may seem "easy" to some.
    We often hear the speech "Oh it will take us 1 or 2 months and one person managing the project internally". Unfortunately, the reality is often quite different and the Landerz team was well aware of this. With a great maturity in technological tools and a real will to do things in a structured way, Landerz made the choice to implement a recognized methodology, RevOps, to achieve growth.

    Landerz then turned to the RevOps expertise of Auxilio, an official partner and specialist of the HubSpot platform.
    The choice to be accompanied by experts was a quick one for Simon G. Boyer and Nadine Fournier, the two founders of Landerz. 
    Simon and Nadine clearly wanted a team of experts to give them the necessary hindsight on certain decisions to be made and to help them implement the various HubSpot products given the complexity of their internal processes.

    Challenge #1

    Process standardization and teams alignment

    The multi-product offer of Landerz and the (real estate) market addressed makes the management of operations very complex for the teams.

    Each department and each product has its own marketing and sales specificity. It was therefore essential to find a form of standardization of processes. But it's not easy when you have your head in the sand and you don't have enough time, hands, and brains on the subject.

    Implementing a platform as powerful as HubSpot does not solve all the challenges. 
    After choosing a CRM and starting to work in it, the Landerz teams were caught short in their day-to-day tasks and unfortunately didn't have the perspective to structure their approach.

    Auxilio's RevOps expertise combined with the power of HubSpot allowed them to bring all the teams together in one tool, HubSpot, and above all to standardize processes at different scales.

    Challenge #2

    Database restructuration

    The complexity of the Landerz data has always created a lot of confusion, duplication, clumsy management, and other problems internally.
    It was necessary to find a way to clean up and structure the database in the CRM, but before that, a deep analysis was obviously necessary!

    This is where RevOps' expertise came into play. The first steps of the support project between Auxilio and Landerz were

    • To map the entire data structure,
    • Understand the relationships between the data,
    • Establish a hierarchy,
    • Facilitate the use and understanding of it all.
    This included reviewing and optimizing HubSpot's native objects (contacts, companies, tickets, transactions, etc.) and custom objects, as well as creating new objects to adapt to everyday reality.

    We also had to review the entire HubSpot properties to avoid duplication of information and to facilitate the use of each HubSpot element (forms, workflows, etc.).

    Finally, we had to set up inter-relationships between data types, notably with label associations to allow the different layers of data to be linked together and to allow the same reading of the data by all the teams.

    Challenge #3

    Stack Tech Synchronisation

    Having a CRM is good, but having a whole ecosystem of tools around it that gravitate and work properly is better!

    One of the big challenges for Landerz, like many software companies, was their use of a lot of other tools such as Gmail, Slack, CloudFiles, Aircall, Zoom, PandaDoc, Sakari, etc.

    The work of the Auxilio experts was, firstly, to advise on the right tools but also and above all to ensure that everything was well connected and synchronized in terms of data.

    Then to make sure that all the tools could communicate with each other, in particular thanks to different types of workflows (data, admin, operation, custom code action, etc.) to ensure that the operations went smoothly and without any break in the processes and data transfer.

    "we chose auxilio because you have a proven RevOps method that adapts to all types of business models and to the different challenges that a company like landerz may face."

    Nadine Fournier, Head of Product and CMO



    workflows created or updated to implement new data, marketing and sales processes


    HubSpot connected integrations: Canva, Gmail, Slack, CloudFiles, Aircall, Zoom, PandaDoc, Sakari, etc.


    data elements reviewed, corrected, optimized or created (592 properties revised, 1 custom object created, 23 association labels created).

    The support of revops experts
    Auxilio, a trusted long-term partner

    Have a well-oiled sales machine

    Choosing HubSpot is like choosing a Formula 1 car, but without a driver to drive it, it's difficult to cross the finish line without an accident. 

    It is necessary to be advised and accompanied through issues of configuration, customization, adapted processes, data management, and connection with third-party tools, and for this Landerz chose Auxilio.

    The in-depth knowledge of the HubSpot platform and the variety of customer cases that Auxilio's experts are familiar with was a major asset in choosing a partner.

    One of the main objectives was to build the sales machine properly. This was achieved for Landerz, which manages fairly large contracts and whose sales process is very long and complex: many steps, the technical nature of the sale, involvement of several people internally and externally, the need to communicate a lot with prospects, etc. 

    A machine that is now solid and that allows the different teams involved in the sale to take control of the operations easily, without wasting time on repetitive and non-value-added tasks. 

    Doing business with a trusted partner

    Landerz was very keen to do business with a partner who was present at all levels.
    Present to answer their questions, doubts, and priorities, but also present to guide them towards the best practices and the different possible options.

    It was through an in-depth analysis and a highly accurate recommended RevOps plan that Auxilio was able to move forward with the implementation of all processes in the various HubSpot tools.

    The implementation of the RevOps plan went through: 

    • A restructuring of the CRM database,
    • The implementation of several workflows through the Operations Hub,
    • Standardization of pre-sales, sales and post-sales processes with the Sales Hub.
    • Standardization of marketing operations (mass emails, communication preferences, lifecycles, etc.)

    Have revops expertise at your fingertips

    It was essential for Landerz management to call on a partner who could adapt and understand their industry, their market, their challenges, their products, etc. Beyond the global understanding, Auxilio's RevOps approach allowed Landerz to identify the flaws of its old operating system. 

    Expertise based on 3 fundamental pillars that Landerz has appreciated throughout the collaboration (and still today):

    • The analysis of their data, processes, technological tools and human resources, in order to bring a tailor-made recommended plan,
    • The implementation of the recommended plan in the different HubSpot tools (Sales, Marketing, CRM, Operations) so that the machine works properly,
    • Monitoring and optimizing the plan to adapt to changes, issues, priorities, needs, etc.


    Nadine Fournier
    The RevOps approach and the HubSpot expertise of the Auxilio experts allowed us to achieve much more than we could have done ourselves.
    Auxilio is like our staff augmentation, it's an extension of our team. We appreciate the balanced combination of relevant advice and operational support.

    The Auxilio team operates almost without you noticing. One morning, everything is clearer in our CRM and in our HubSpot tools.

    During the implementation, we had changes in priorities and rushes. Auxilio consultants have always been very responsive and have adapted to support our business. It's a true business relationship that fits us.
    Nadine Fournier
    Landerz, Head of Product & CMO

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