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10 subventions pour financer l'achat de logiciel CRM au Québec

Grants to finance the implementation of Digital tranformation (CRM, ERP, AI) in Quebec

You know the famous comic book "The 12 labors of Asterix"?
In this book, our famous Gauls go crazy as they go through a thousand administrative departments to find ONE answer. That's what the Auxilio team has done for you! 😖
We went fishing for information from the various organizations and structures of the Quebec administration and we investigated the various useful aids to equip you with CRM software or to benefit from support towards the digital.
We came out of the madhouse unscathed. 😆

To date, you are probably in one of the following 2 cases:

  • You know that there are a lot of grants and support for your business but you have never really dug into the subject... We understand because it can be scary! That's why we summarize it all for you in this article.
  • Or maybe... You are one of those who know well the different Quebec and Canadian grants BUT you have never taken action because of the paperwork. Here again, we understand you, nevertheless, it is not so complex as that, and we explain to you how to proceed. 

In either case, it's a shame not to do anything, because the assistance programs are really interesting and you could easily benefit from them. Here are some of the main advantages of grants, contributions, and financial help:

  • Grants save you money (sometimes a lot of money!),
  • Grants help you cope with the current economic crisis,
  • Grants support digital projects that you had left in the closet for too long (and it's time to go digital!),
  • Grants allow you to strengthen your market position (regional, national or international).

We are not going to develop ALL the existing grants but those that could concern you on the integration and development of CRM technologies in the company. Here is a summary of the grants we will discuss in this article, and the government entities in charge of each.

📌 Good to know
The Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation (M.E.I) and the Investissement Québec structure are now one and the same!
These two entities merged in 2020. Why is this important to know? Because all assistance programs for Quebec businesses are now grouped under the same umbrella.
So, if you are looking to contact the M.E.I. or Investissement Québec, you will find the same people, at least, people who work to help you with all the grants and programs offered to Quebec businesses.

Fusion du M.E.I avec Investissement Québec

Quebec grant - The assistance programs of the Ministry of the economy (M.E.I) and innovation merged with Québec investment (IQ)

The various programs for Quebec companies to integrate the technologies

Several types of assistance and financing are available to Quebec companies thanks to the initiative of the M.E.I. and Investissement Québec. Here are a few that will undoubtedly interest you.

  1. Productivity Innovation Initiative - Initiative Productivité Innovation
  2. Marketing and Export Support Program - PSCE - Programme de Soutien à la Commercialisation et à l’Exportation - PSCE
  3. ESSOR Program (including the former SMB in Action Program and Audit 4.0) - Programme ESSOR

These different aids allow you to easily transform your sales processes, acquire new customers in untapped markets and adopt technological tools to optimize your productivity. We develop them a little more for you just below.

Productivity & Innovation Initiative


What is it about?

The Productivity Innovation initiative takes over from the Innovative Manufacturers initiative launched in 2016 to support manufacturing companies in increasing their productivity.
The Productivity Innovation initiative encourages entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout the province of Québec to focus on innovation and the integration of technologies into their daily work, such as digitization, automation, robotization, and artificial intelligence.
Investissement Québec and the Government of Québec have set a funding target of $2.4 billion from 2020 to 2024.

How does it work?

This approach to supporting innovation and technology offers several types of assistance such as financial aid, and strategic and technological support for all Quebec companies that have investment projects in the areas mentioned above.

Mainly in the form of loans, the Productivity Innovation Initiative finances your innovative and technological projects to increase your company's productivity.

This assistance offers loans of a minimum amount of $50,000. Obviously, it is tailored to the needs and offers advantageous terms, including a principal repayment moratorium of up to 48 months.
Working capital and capital expenditures related to innovative projects can be related to a product, a process, a marketing strategy or organizational practices.

Who is eligible for it?

The Productivity and Innovation initiative targets companies in several sectors of activity. This financial assistance to Quebec companies is intended for all companies in sectors that revolve around manufacturing and that are experiencing similar issues:

  • The mining sector,
  • The construction sector,
  • The wholesale trade sector,
  • The retail trade sector,
  • The transportation and warehousing sector,
  • The professional services sector,
  • The scientific and technical sector
  • The waste management and sanitation sector.

Administration québécoise et subventions

Regarding software, what is taken into consideration?

The integration of software packages in companies is clearly part of the technological component of this assistance program. The goal is to facilitate access to technological tools adapted to your company, whose return on investment is gradually taking shape.

It is therefore about financing the integration of software packages and management software that allow you to optimize your productivity and performance.
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), marketing software, etc. are all eligible.

How do I apply for the Productivity & Innovation Initiative?

If you wish to apply, you will first have to fill out a quick questionnaire via this link, so that Investissement Québec's teams can contact you directly and direct you to submit your application.

To learn more about this initiative of Investissement Québec, visit the website dedicated to the Productivity Innovation initiative or the complete file explaining the process.


⚠️Since February 2, 2022, SMB in Action has been integrated into the ESSOR program. For more details, go here.

Marketing and Export Support Program (PSCE)

What is it?

The PSCE is intended for Quebec companies that wish to be better prepared to export or to strengthen their capacity to export their products, services, or goods outside the province of Quebec. It is also intended for companies that want to consolidate and diversify their markets outside the Quebec zone.

What are the objectives of this program?

The PSCE aims to help Quebec companies maximize their opportunities to develop outside Quebec. As such, it provides financial support (described below), on the following elements:
Note that each element listed below corresponds to one of the three components of the BCSP. For more information, please consult the Investissement Québec website.

    • The hiring of a market development specialist outside Quebec (Base salary for 52 weeks, excluding bonuses and benefits)
    • Hiring a sales representative (Base salary for 52 weeks, excluding bonuses and benefits)
    • Obtaining a registration, compliance, or certification that meets the requirements of an acquirer
    • Development of a marketing strategy, including conducting a market study in Quebec and acquiring knowledge in market development (coaching)
    • Inventory development and management, when inventory is requested by the client or required for integration into a supply chain
    • Development of a diagnostic, a business plan, or a strategy for exporting or internationalization
    • Acquisition of knowledge in market development (coaching)
    • Development and implementation of a marketing strategy, including digital strategies for foreign markets, development of tools, and advertising in foreign markets
    • Prospecting mission(s) and other travel(s) outside Quebec by company employees
    • Exhibition at a commercial event outside Quebec, including virtual events
    • Support in prospecting for clients or partners
    • Recruitment of an agent or distributor
    • Study of a foreign market
    • Reception of foreign buyers or partners
    • Steps to obtain a contract outside Quebec by invitation to tender or by invitation
    • Obtaining approval, compliance, or certification to facilitate export
    • Steps to set up an office, a subsidiary, or a joint venture abroad or to acquire a business outside Quebec, provided that this project will have economic benefits in Quebec
    • Registration of trademarks abroad

For more details, go here.

Who is it for?

Here is a list of eligible businesses:

  • Eligible are for-profit companies legally incorporated in Quebec or Canada and having an establishment in Quebec as well as social economy companies and non-financial cooperatives. Businesses with sales of less than $100 million are eligible for components 1 and 2, and those with sales of $100 million or more for component 3.
  • Companies operating in one of the following sectors are considered ineligible:
      • Finance and insurance
      • Management of companies and enterprises
      • Accommodation and food services
      • Primary sector: agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, mining and quarrying, oil and gas extraction
      • Administrative and support services
      • Real estate and rental and leasing services
      • Personal Services
      • Utilities
      • Health care and social assistance
      • Culture and education
      • Retail Trade, except for Tier 2 and Tier 3 when the business meets the following four criteria:
        - The company has sales of $5 million or more;
        - It carries out pre-production activities (product development);
        - It carries out post-production activities (commercialization, marketing and distribution);
        -It has its head office in Quebec.

How does this Program help you?

The financial assistance provided to the company is in the form of a non-repayable contribution.

  • This assistance can reach 50% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $250,000 over a maximum period of 12 months, and the total amount of government assistance cannot exceed 75% of total project expenses for component 1 and 60% for components 2 and 3.
    • In this calculation, non-repayable government assistance should be considered at 100% of its value while all other types of assistance should be considered at 50% of their value.

Programme Exportation PEX


Regarding software, what is taken into consideration?

Assistance for expenses related to accessing an online sales platform is limited to $20,000 per platform.

How do I apply to participate in this Program?

For more information on the PSCE, go here.
To submit an application, contact Investissement Québec: 1 844 474-6367 or fill out the online form.

Quebec grant - ESSOR Program (Integrating SMB in Action and Audit 4.0)

⚠️ As of February 2, 2022 the ESSOR Program incorporates the Industry 4.0 and SMB in Action audit. 
The Essor program will end on March 31, 2024.
All applications for financial assistance under Section 1C of the ESSOR program must therefore be submitted before March 31, 2024. Despite the program's closure, expenses remain eligible for a maximum period of 12 months.

The ESSOR Quebec Program in brief

The ESSOR program supports investment projects carried out in Quebec, with several objectives: increased competitiveness and productivity, job creation, and sustainable development.
The benefits of this program are clearly a gain in productivity and competitiveness.

What are the objectives of the ESSOR program?

This program supports the digital projects of Quebec companies. It aims to help companies engaged in value-added activities and whose sector of activity is undergoing a transformation associated with technology.

The ESSOR program supports companies undergoing a digital transformation

C’est pour qui le Programme ESSOR Québec ?

This program is open to many companies and is open to different industries. 
Ask your regional office if you are eligible. 

How this Program helps you?

This program is composed of 4 parts.

  1. Support for the implementation of investment projects (feasibility studies and digital diagnosis)
    Auxilio can help you with this part, and it can be covered by the ESSOR Program
  2. Support for investment projects that promote productivity and business expansion
    Auxilio can help on this part as well. 
  3. Support for investment projects that promote a reduction in the environmental footprint
  4. Support for the internationalization of businesses
    Auxilio can help on this part as well. 


How do I apply to this Program?

For more information or to make a request, contact your regional office or Investissement Québec's client service at 1 844 474-6367.


Quebec grant - Tax measures for businesses, from the Ministry of the economy (M.E.I) and Innovation, and Quebec investment (IQ)

The Investment and Innovation Tax Credit

What is it exactly?

The investment and innovation tax credit (C3i) may be available to a corporation that acquires manufacturing or processing equipment, computer equipment or certain software packages between the following dates: on or after March 10, 2020 and before 2025.

For example, if you acquire a CRM or ERP, the tax credit will be calculated on the portion of the costs incurred for the acquisition that exceeds a threshold of $5,000 or $12,500, depending on the asset acquired.

How does that work?

The Investment and Innovation Tax Credit applies against a corporation's total taxes for a taxation year (income tax, financial institutions' compensatory tax, insurance companies' capital tax and life insurers' capital tax).

The applicable tax credit rate can be up to 20% and will be determined based on the economic vitality index of the region where the property will be acquired for primary use

Who is eligible for it (C3i)?

Any company that has an establishment in Quebec and whose activities are, for more than 50%, carried out in one of the sectors below.

  • Primary sector (Scian 11-21)
  • Manufacturing sector (Scian 31-33)
  • Wholesale trade (Scian 41)
  • Retail trade (Scian 44-45)

The tax credit allows you to finance the purchase of a software package and all associated services such as training, implementation, integration, configuration, evolution, etc.

Crédit d'impôt relatif à l’investissement et à l’innovation (C3i)

Regarding software packages, what is taken into consideration?

This aid is aimed at any company purchasing, or leasing a management software package or a free management software package, but also the support services related to the software package such as: 

  • An integrated management software package, also known as ERP;
  • Customer relationship management software, also known as CRM;
  • Supply chain management software, also known as SCM;
  • The provision of services related to the development, integration (implementation), reconfiguration, and evolution of a software package;
  • The provision of services required to accompany and train your teams and to remedy bugs related to the integration;
  • The sale or rental of universal electronic data processing equipment and related operating software, including ancillary data processing equipment.

How do I apply for this grant?

Contact Investissement Québec to request a review of your file. Eligibility evaluation fees of $631 apply. You should generally expect a response time of 3 months.

If you would like to know more about the tax credit, visit Investissement Québec's descriptive documentation. And if you want to take immediate action by filling out the application form, it's this way.


Quebec grant - Qualification of the workforce by Emploi Quebec

The workforce training measure offered by Emploi Quebec


What is it?

The assistance put in place by Emploi Québec to support the training needs of Quebec companies aims to develop the skills of your employees in two cases: 

  1. For people who are at risk of losing their job, help them train to maintain their position.
  2. For people who wish to maintain their expertise in your company.

What are the objectives of this?

Under the workforce training measure, businesses can obtain technical or financial assistance to:

  • Define the training needs,
  • Carry out the training project itself,
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the training received.

    This program is funded by the Labour Market Development Fund.

Who is it for?

All employers located in Quebec can participate in this program, with the exception of public agencies and political organizations. This includes: 

  • Private companies;
  • Groups of private businesses;
  • Cooperatives;
  • Non-profit organizations;
  • Municipalities;
  • Self-employed individuals;
  • Communities and Band Councils.

How does it actually help you?

Financial assistance from Emploi Québec can reach up to 50% of eligible expenses for the training measure.

The duration is established according to the training plan.

It is quite simple to access this program of Emploi Québec, to do so you must simply demonstrate that the training activity within your company : 

  • Allows you to maintain people in employment;
  • Allows you to increase the performance of your workers;
  • Is transferable to other members of your staff in order to increase mobility within your company

Regarding software, what is taken into consideration?

If you wish to train your employees on how to use, optimize the use of or any other subject around a tool such as a CRM, a Marketing Automation tool, you can make a request to Emploi Québec to obtain this assistance.

The workforce training measure allows you to train your employees in the use of a new tool, platform, software or package.

How do I apply for it?

For more information, visit the dedicated page on the Emploi Québec website. To participate in this assistance program, contact the local employment center (CLE) or the Services Québec office in your area.

Find your CLE here: local employment center (CLE) your Services Québec office.


Canada grant - CANExport grant to support international market expansion by the Canadian government

📌 Good to know: The CanExport PME program is accepting applications for funding from February 29, 2024, to May 31, 2024, for projects starting on or after April 1, 2024.

We strongly encourage applicants to carefully read the updated Applicant's Guide for 2024-2025, before applying.

what is it?

Canadian SMBs can obtain financial assistance to support their marketing and export activities outside of Canada.

what is the goal of this grant?

This grant helps all small and medium-sized businesses in Canada that wish to go international.
The following activities are covered by the CANExport government program:

  • Market intelligence gathering (targeted research, reports, and studies)
  • Filing for intellectual property protection in international markets
  • Filing for certification in international markets
  • Expert legal and business advice,
  • Search engine optimization,
  • Translation, adaptation, or creation of marketing materials, Participation in trade shows, networking activities, virtual meetings or conferences,
  • Visits to foreign markets,
  • Participation in trade shows, networking events, in-person meetings or conferences,
  • Participation in a trade mission.

who is it for?

Canadian SMBs that meet the following criteria

  • be a for-profit business,
  • be an incorporated entity or a limited liability company,
  • have a Canada Revenue Agency business number,
  • have a maximum of 500 full-time equivalent employees
  • have reported revenues of $100,000 to $100 million in Canada during the last fiscal year (or 12 months for quarterly reporting).

CANExport - Aide du Canada pour les marché internationaux

How does this grant help you?

CANExport offers financial assistance of up to $75,000 for international marketing and export activities.

Up to 75% of marketing costs are covered to promote the export of products and services to international markets where you have few or no sales.

Regarding software, what is covered by the CANExport grant?

If you need a Marketing and Sales tool to help you export your products or services outside of Canada, to help you promote your business in global territories, then the CANExport program is for you.

The maximum funding for online advertising activities, including search engine optimization (SEO), has been increased to $50,000 per project.
The program now allows for online advertising on social media platforms, online marketplaces and search engines.

Expert advice on digital marketing and e-commerce is eligible for the CANExport program.


To learn more, follow the "CANExport Applicant's Guide".
And to apply, visit the dedicated page on the Canadian government website.


Canada Grant - CDAP, Canadian Digital Adoption Program

⚠️ - CDAP has been closed as of February 20, 2024. At this time, this program is no longer accepting new applications for the Enhance Your Company's Technology grant. There is no indicated re-opening date. 
Customers with a valid, current grant agreement can continue to work with their digital advisor and submit a claim. 
PCAN's Grow Your Business Online grant remains open for applications. Interested companies can apply to their regional service provider.

 what is the cdap?

PCAN (Programme Canadien d'Adoption du Numérique in French), or CDAP in English is a federal program that helps small and medium-sized businesses strengthen their presence in the e-commerce market and digitize the way they run their businesses behind the scenes.

what is the goal?

This grant helps all small and medium-sized businesses in Canada that want to adopt new digital technologies and digitize the way they run their business behind the scenes.

Companies will be able to apply for two different types of support:

  • Expanding Your Online Business
    This component helps SMBs take advantage of the opportunities offered by e-commerce
  • Enhancing Your Business Technology.
    This component helps businesses develop and implement digital adoption strategies.

who is it for?

Canadian SMBs that wanted to adopt new digital technologies to remain competitive and meet their customers' needs.

up to $15,000 to improve your company's technology


how it helps you? 

Part 1: Expanding Your Online Business

  • Micro-grants to help go digital and take advantage of e-business opportunities;
  • Access to a network of Canadian digital experts to help them integrate and use their digital tools. (Auxilio has signed up for the list of experts and expects to hear back soon -Updated November 10, 2021-)

Part 2: Enhancing Your Business Technology.

  • Grants to help cover the costs of advisors to help them plan how to take their business to the next level with new digital solutions;
  • Access to a network of Canadian digital advisors, as well as government-funded youth placements to help them with their digital transformation. CANExport.

how to obtain this grant?

To learn more, follow the "PCAN Applicant's Guide" by filling out the form.
If you have any questions, you can write directly to:



Only valid for young companies, startups 👇



The support service is called Momentum and is aimed at innovative companies with high potential to offer them intensive and tailored support to help in the commercialization phase to quickly move into growth.


To help the most promising Quebec start-ups move quickly from the commercialization phase to the growth phase.


Momentum is for innovative companies with 2 or more employees, headquartered in Quebec, with less than $2,000,000 in sales, and who are at the commercialization stage of their product.


The MAIN can cover coaching up to 75 000$.

The coaching plan is set up by an accelerator with the entrepreneur and includes all kinds of services such as the implementation of a CRM, the implementation of a RevOps plan or the redesign of a website, but many other services.

The entrepreneur and accelerator decide that they need certain types of services in their coaching plan, at which point the coaching fee will be paid by the program.


Contact an accredited gas pedal on the list or MAIN Quebec.
See the list here. 

For more information on the MAIN Momentum program, go here.



There are several grants, subsidies, and funding for your digital projects. So don't hesitate to apply. It takes a little time but can save you a lot of money and above all, it helps to boost the economic fabric of our region.

Among all the aids mentioned above, there is inevitably one for you.
The Auxilio team can help you integrate and use the HubSpot platform for sales, CRM, service, or marketing at a reduced cost. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us 😀

To go further, calculate the ROI of your CRM use, are you really profitable? 

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