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Better than an Oscar or Cesar nomination, the entire Auxilio team is proud of its accomplishment in reaching Platinum status in the HubSpot Partner rank. This is an epic story... 😉

Emmanuelle et Louis au HubSpot Partner Kickoff 2021

The journey to becoming a "HubSpot Gold Partner"

As we enter the new year 2021, we are delighted to learn that our efforts as a small team have paid off.

We are finally a "Gold Partner". A great reward following the hard work of each member of the Auxilio team, with its customers.

But what is the purpose of such a "title" ?

Climbing the HubSpot Partner ladder is not just about getting a statue at home to congratulate you. It's about awarding a title of excellence to partners who work hard to satisfy their customers.

The customer has always been at the heart of HubSpot's concerns, and Auxilio's as well! That's why we are delighted to receive this "title". Because it proves how much we strive to make our customers happy and address their daily issues on HubSpot.

The rapid rise towards the "HubSpot Platinium Partner" status

It is only a few weeks after having earned the title of Gold Partner, that we are now Platinum! ! What already?! 😲

And yes, hard work pays off as the famous saying goes.

Auxilio Hubspot Platinium Partner
In its third year of existence, Auxilio strives for excellence every day, and each member of the team gives his or her best to respond quickly to client issues, no matter how diverse.

We are very happy to be a HubSpot Platinum Partner because of all the hard work we've done over the past few months. We work every day with very different customers. And we have to constantly adapt to their context and issues. It's a real challenge! It's all the more beautiful when we see clients become autonomous and take off towards excellence on the HubSpot platform.

Emmanuelle, HubSpot and Inbound Consultant at Auxilio

Aiming to the "HubSpot Diamond Partner"?

It's definitely the next step. We're not going to stop here. However, we also take our time because we like to work well and get to the bottom of things with all our current customers so this is our next challenge, while maintaining the high quality of service that we currently offer.

When I founded Auxilio, I had one mission in mind: to help companies grow with HubSpot. I'm glad to see that everyone who joins our team is as dedicated to that same mission as I have been for nearly 8 years. Climbing the ranks of HubSpot's partner program so quickly is a great reminder that when you have a clear mission in mind that you care about, you move forward much faster, all together.

Louis Chaussé, President at Auxilio


Auxilio bientôt Diamond Partner

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