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Round table - A CRM to counter the labour shortage

Bringing together more than a dozen diverse companies to discuss an important topic, it's done!

On November 9th, 2022, the Auxilio team had the pleasure of hosting a round table discussion in the presence of HubSpot and Alcumus Cognibox, in order to discuss the decisive issue that all companies are currently facing: the labor shortage.

Two hours of discussions to find out how the use of a CRM can concretely help with this problem. And many solutions were mentioned by our panel.


The goal of this meeting was simply to exchange around an open round table, with decision makers and other key roles in companies affected, from near or far, by the great economic challenge of the day, the shortage of manpower, but also the lack of qualification of the workforce and a high turnover rate.

Alcumus Cognibox, a Quebec-based SaaS company, shared its feedback and vision with HubSpot, Leader in CRMs, and Auxilio, RevOps Specialist and HubSpot Platinum Partner.

Together we discussed the following topics:

  • How can a CRM offset the workforce shortage?
  • What are the issues encountered when implementing a CRM and what are the solutions?
  • What are the results obtained and possible recommendations?



crm automation to overcome staffing shortages

The feedback from Alcumus Cognibox was very constructive for the other companies around the table. 

We had the chance to exchange with 3 key players at Alcumus Cognibox:

Each of them, with their own angle and expertise, was able to tell us about the advantages of the automation implemented in HubSpot CRM, but also about the indispensable support of experts like Auxilio on the subject.

The process put in place by Auxilio allows us to analyze the company's situation at a given moment and to make relevant recommendations for implementation in the CRM (and related tools: marketing automation, ticket management, etc.) on the following 3 axes:

1- The processes implemented in the different "customer-oriented" departments.

On this axis, it is a question of analyzing the business processes at the level of marketing, sales, and customer service, in order to detect the points to which the CRM contributes:

    • Sending automatic messages according to the stage of the customer life cycle;
      create automatic tasks for the sales team;
    • Synchronizing the tools in terms of data;
    • Going faster in the treatment of tickets thanks to organized and automated pipelines;
    • etc.
2- The need for human resources.

This is where the problem lies at the moment because of the shortage of manpower but also because of the lack of qualified people. And also to deal with personnel who do not stay long enough in the company while the integration processes take a long time.

3 - The tools, the famous "tech stack" used by the different teams.

These tools often create different problems such as:

  • lack of alignment between teams;
  • lack of data synchronization;
  • lack of consistency in the customer journey;
  • etc.

These are all challenges in addition to the manpower issue. 

It's about implementing RevOps methodology throughout the organization to address external and internal challenges.

To learn more about the Alcumus Cognibox use case, take a look here.

The following video is in French:





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